UPDATED: Things I Never Thought Would Happen #100: EXO Is Ready To Comeback!

It has just been announced that SM Entertainment's wannabe supergroup EXO is finally making a comeback.  This will be their first full length album, which will be called "XOXO (Kiss & Hug)".

Boy was I surprised when I saw this on my Twitter stream:

EXO xoxo (kiss & hug) image teaser 2

And then this popped up soon after:

EXO xoxo kiss & hug image teaser 1

UPDATED: SM has updated EXO's official site with these new images:

exo's official site update 130515_1

exo's official site update #2 130515

I do like how they included both EXO-M and EXO-K in the teasers.  As you can imagine, right now tons of fangirls all over the world are doing this:

fangirls freaking out gif

This title and the teaser images seem to be a marked difference from their usual post apocalyptic trendy boy image, so it should be interesting to see what they have in store for us.  Many fans are dying to hear longer versions of the songs they've teased us with in the past, like "My Lady" and "Baby Don't Cry", so hopefully those will be included on the album.

No word yet on the exact date of the comeback, so here's hoping that SM doesn't decide to troll us like last time.  5 teasers at the most, guys... come on!

Please make sure you take this advice, because there is no fainting allowed on this blog!  :)

More teasers will be revealed starting on May 17th, so stay tuned!

Source: @kor_celebrities, akpexo-k.smtown.  Credit where due.

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