UPDATED: Watch Episode 1 of "We Got Married" With Taemin And Na Eun

Ok fangirls and fanboys, it's the day that you've been waiting for!  I've got an unblocked video of the first episode of "We Got Married" featuring SHINee's Taemin and A Pink's Na Eun.  I searched far and wide...  Ok not really, it only took me about 15 minutes.  I like to exaggerate, if you haven't realized that already.

Sadly all the cut versions seem to have been taken down from YouTube so you'll have to watch the whole show.  Hey, at least you can watch it right?

UPDATED: With English Subs!  Damn that was quick.

Here's the full episode without subs:

This part with Onew, Key and Taemin was super funny:

Here are some partial translations of Key, Onew and Taemin's conversation, translated by @qyblingtastic:
-Key finds out that he's not going to get to be a husband on the show, so he gets all pouty.

-Taemin: "It could be a noona right?"
Onew: "Wait, how old are you now?" 
Taemin: "21" 
Key: "Yeah of course(it might be a noona), there is not much people 'below' you.

-PD: "Do you have any experience in dating?"
Taemin: "I think it was when i was in primary 4? At a really young age, i wouldn't call it dating"
PD: "Have you kissed any girl before?"
Taemin: "Ah, how can you say such serious things, I haven't! I think I haven't held a girl's hands yet" Me: Yeah right. 

-Key: "How is Kim Nayoung nuna? I really like her hahaha" 
Taemin: "For me it's Lee Nayoung-sshi!" 

-Taemin: "The staffs are always noonas so if i can meet someone of the same age or a little younger, someone that is younger would be better" 

-Key: "If it's someone younger then you can discover new charm, things like when you're walking and you can just grab her and hug haha!" And then Taemin did the scene of punching the wall (He did in BoA's MV) and Key was like "That's too much!! No no!" 

-Key: "What if you don't like her? You're the type of kid that shows everything on your face even if you don't say anything." 

-Onew: "I'm happy just with chicken." 
Key: "Hyung, with that one sentence, WGM will never call you (to be on the show)" 

-Key: "From the way i see it skinship is the best!" 
Onew: "You can just grab her hand and say "Let's go together" when you are moving places"
Taem: "Oh there's something like putting on the seatbelt!" 
Key:"It has to be when the girl is looking at you but you're looking at somewhere else.

-Taemin tried to do the seatbelt thing on key a few times and Key showed him the real way to do it .

-Key: "You really have to call me to go on WGM a lot ok? I'm seriously worried about you"

Trans: @qyblingtastic.  Take out with full credit.

If and when I find an English translation of this video or any cuts I will post them.  Please be patient.  

What did you think of the show?

Source: crunchypout@qyblingtastickshownow.net Take out with full credit.


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