SHINee Releases More Teasers For "Why So Serious?"

Are you ready to see the mv teaser for SHINee's "Why So Serious?"  Well it's not out quite yet but I do have the new album cover and some more pic teasers for you.

shinee's why so serious album cover

This is supposed to be the album cover for the upcoming album, and they're apparently going with a 'zombie concept' on the cover, but don't quote me on that.  I could be wrong!  You can tell that it's a mixture of all their body parts to make one whole silhouette.  Weird... But maybe it matches with their teaser concept?  We shall see, won't we?  Btw, what's the pink stuff supposed to be?

A Shawol had a lot of time on his/her hands and came up with this:

Cr. LeeLeeNeko

That explains it. :/

All the articles about this comeback are throwing around adjectives like "charismatic" and "powerful".  I'm hoping that means less patterns and candy colors.  I do like to see my SHINee boys in darker looks.  They pull it off so well.

Take a look at their individual teaser photos that were released yesterday:

shinee key why so serious? image teaser

shinee minho why so serious? image teaser

shinee jonghyun why so serious? image teaser

shinee onew why so serious image teaser

shinee taemin why so serious image teaser

They're looking oh so handsome in these pics, aren't they?  All in all, I do wish they hadn't just published more photos from their "Chapter 1" album.  I was hoping for a fresh concept.  Not that I'm complaining over here.  I'll take a new SHINee album and comeback any day, even if they wore bags on their heads.  Ok that's obviously a lie; you know what I mean though.

Here's their teaser for their KBS Music Bank comeback, which will take place next week:

Alright so don't forget!  They've got a teaser coming out sometime on April 22nd Korean time, which is (hopefully) tonight our time.  We all know that SM Entertainment does like to troll, and they do it every time.  They've also got their "Why So Serious" mv (we think!) and album coming out on the 26th, and then the physical release on the 19th.  Excited much??

Source: simhy9.  Images credited as tagged and where due.


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