SHINee Is Suave and Sexy In The May Issue of High Cut, Vol. 100

Ok SHINee... Unf!  Get out of here with this pictorial for High Cut magazine's 100th issue!  Ok no, really please don't, because they're looking really yummy in these pics.  Onew looks especially tasty, laid out like that, but let me not get ahead of myself.  I also like Minho's suave low-cut-double-breasted-suit-with-no-shirt action.  Wait!  All of you need to see the yummy goodness, then we can talk about it in the comments.  Warning: There is a real possibility that you might go blind from all the hot.  I'm just saying!

These are a mix of HQ and LQ pics.  I'll update if and when they become available.

Source: f(x)2you.net, nineteen, cuzonew, kindergarten, kimkeyfan, highcut.  Credit as tagged.
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