Video of the Day: SHINee's "Fire" PV (Full)

Well damn... I totally forgot this was coming out today and almost went to sleep.  I'm sure glad I didn't because EMI Japan just released the full pv for SHINee's new Japanese single, "Fire".

Video of the Day: SHINee's Fire pv (full)

I don't know the words yet but I can tell right away that it's one of those feel good, inspirational type of songs.  Maybe it's all the lighting of candles and smiling into each other's eyes that tipped me off.  
This definitely doesn't come close to "1000 Years" in any way, shape or form, but it's not bad at all.

Video of the Day: SHINee's Fire pv (full)

No close up screencaps this time because they were all looking extremely tired, with lots of air brushing to cover it up.  Sadly they couldn't airbrush the bags under Onew's eyes out enough, even if they'd used a sandblaster to do it with.

Video of the Day: SHINee's Fire pv (full)

I do remember that at the time of filming, they were rushing to and fro from Korea to Japan and back again quite a few times, so I'm sure they were exhausted.

Video of the Day: SHINee's Fire pv (full)

No matter how tired these boys are, they always pull out an excellent performance, and this time they did it while wearing muted earth tones.  I might have to make a note of this date because we might never see something of that nature again.  SHINee in grey and beige??  Preposterous!  But good nonetheless. 

What do you think of their "Fire" pv?

Source: EMIMusicJapan



  1. I love their look, especially Minho's hair. And I like the song, even though I've no clue what it's about. Ditto for 1000 years.

  2. I like their outfits too. It's nice to see them in something more muted once in awhile. The song is ok to me but it might very well grow on me, as Shinee always does.

  3. I was so busy yesterday and when I click my internet, DANG!!!! sooo many good news... my precious babies never let me down.
    I always love SHINee ballad songs, both Jpn and Kor songs. And this song will be my fave too, but I wonder will they put much effort to promote this single when they're busy like a hell in Korea?

    oohhh the candles are sooo pretty, I want the purple one

  4. This is a beautifully done mv. I love that SM is spending money and doing different things with Shinee's mv's. They're really putting in a lot of effort with Shinee these days; no one can say they're neglecting them or being cheap, that's for sure. Even just the clothes is a lot.


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