Watch SHINee's Loen TV Cute "Dream Girl" Coming Soon Interview

Loen TV just released a super cute "Coming Soon" interview featuring the SHINee boys, in which Onew gets to act like a CSI sleuth and grills the other members for info on "Dream Girls".  Enjoy!

SHINee's Loen TV Dream Girl Coming Soon interview
Adorable Onew plays Sherlock.

This interview just made me anticipate the release of "Dream Girl" even more.  It's currently after 12 am so that means only 1 more day 'til the release!  Yesssss!

SHINee's Loen TV Dream Girl Coming Soon interview

What was your favorite part of this interview?

Source:  LOENENT.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.


  1. My favourite part was all of it ^.^

  2. me too ^^, they're so adorable...

  3. Onew remind me of Song Joongki.. this boy *sigh* why so cuuutteeee???
    They said the MV teaser will be released today, but I keep refresh my page and still nothing happen TT TT

  4. Oh yeah, he kind of does except a lot cuter, imho. The mv teaser finally out yay!


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