G-Dragon Becomes Spokesperson For Cosmetics Brand The Saem

Cosmetics brand The Saem has decided to hire G-Dragon as their spokesperson, along with After School's IU.  For the past few days, GD has been teasing us with pics on Twitter, Instagram and Me2Day that are all related to this new collaboration.  Take a look:

G-Dragon The Saem cosmetics me2day teaser

G-Dragon The Saem cosmetics twitter teaser

The Saem's new concept is Global Eco 2013 and they decided that GD would be the perfect person to represent that, because he's a global star.

I'll just admit here that I love everything about that first outfit.  I wonder if that's a dress or a skirt over his pants?  I also love the second pic.

G-Dragon The Saem cosmetics instagram teaser

G-Dragon The Saem cosmetics instagram teaser 2

GD started commercial shooting on the 4th of February, so I'll be looking forward to seeing it.

Source: enewsworld@xxxibgdrgn.


  1. He just looks gorgeous here.

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