SHINee's Taemin Will Be Very Manly And Full of Angst in BoA's New MV "Disturbance"

If you've seen the album covers for BoA's upcoming mv, "Disturbance", then you've noticed Taemin and BoA curled up all cozy and snuggly in a couch together.  You might even have heard that Taemin will be starring in the mv for that video, but have you heard the rest?  Well keep scrolling because I've got some news for ya.

Here's some background info:

BoA has unveiled her new single, entitled "Disturbance", during her first solo concert, "BoA Special Live- Here I Am", which took place today the 26th with another concert being held tomorrow the 27th.  The song will be released on music sites on 28th of January.

BoA wrote and composed the song and her brother, Kwon Soon Wook, directed the video, which features Taemin as her... love interest?  Read on:

Some fan accounts from BoA’s solo concert 130126, with SHINee attending:

In BoA’s new mv there are scenes with Taemin that includes punching the wall, crying, kissing the cheek, backhug and lying on knees to sleep ………….
Jongkey left the concert already?
Source: sojonghyun

In BoA’s new MV screened during her concert, Taemin was very manly. He pushed BoA against the wall and punched the wall
Source: xingtu

JongKey is facepalming at the TaemBoA moments in the mv , Jonghyun left the concert already
Source: realbliinger
There’s a part where Taemin cries while leaning on the wall then falls then cries till he sleeps? Whaaaa?
Source: vernxoals

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Guess what my reaction is to all this scandalous business?


Such a perfect gif, I can't even.  But really I'm more like...

...because I love the drama of it all.  Everything about this situation equals humorous times to come.  I can't wait.

They're trying so hard to market Taemin as a manly man for the girls nowadays and I wonder why that is?  It's such a sharp 180 degree turn from his flower boy-crossdressing-long weave-wearing days of not that long ago that I couldn't possibly assume there's not an agenda on SM Entertainment's part.  It's also entirely possible that Taemin asked for this, because he was SO tired of people calling him baby Taemin and pretty Taemin.  It could be he really wants people to realize he's all grown up now, so cue his short hairstyles and stoic face.   What are your theories?

Check out some pics of the "Disturbance" video being screened at the concert:

And here's a cute selca of BoA showing her affection for Taemin:

They're so cute together!

I wonder if they're REALLY DATING??!!?!  Yeah right.  

What do you think of TaeBoA?  Let's discuss!

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