Nicola Formichetti Releases G-Dragon's "I Am Mugler"

As mentioned earlier, Nicola Formichetti and G-Dragon collaborated on a song for the MUGLER fall/winter 2013 menswear fashion show.  Well, the video featuring the song, "I Am Mugler", has finally been released!   Watch and listen below:

Nixola Formichetti Releases G-Dragon's "I Am Mugler" video

Let's See How Many F*cks I Give:

Directed by: CyCy Sanders Creative Direction: Nicola Formichetti Designer: Romain Kremer Music by: G-Dragon

"I Am Mugler" Lyrics w/ English translation:

Fuck Swag.
Fuck Fashion. 

Fuck Mugler. 

Look at all the fucks I give, 
Look what little fucks I give, 
Look how many fucks I give,
Look what little fucks I give,
Look how many fucks I give,
Look at all the girls I fuck (puss. puss. puss.)

Listen, who am I?  Where am i? Say who am I? 
Even deaf people tell me the answer g-d, g-o-d, (oppa), 
I’ll be your happiness like g-o-d (oh god!) 
No Fact. No Fame, No Fortune, No Love. 

(Chorus repeated)

cr: HLU09

At first listen I was kind of surprised and yet amused by all the cursing for about two seconds.  Then I realized that I should've been expecting the cursing, because helllooo?  Fashion show??  Duh...

It seems like many VIPs aren't as amused by the cursing as I was but, as Nicola said in an interview for MTV Style, he commissioned the song from GD and they collaborated back and forth on it, so clearly it's based on what Nicola wanted.  Also, if you've watched any fashion shows ever, you'd know there's no way this song could possibly have been anything pop related.  

In case you had no idea what to expect from music played at a fashion show, here's  an example.  


Drag queen slang:
To "read"- To lecture someone with a sharply worded barrage of painful truths about themselves.

"Ima Read" was played at Rick Owens's f/w 2012 show and was also one of my most played songs of 2012.  Btw, Big Bang has often been seen sporting Rick Owens pieces, especially Taeyang and Daesung.

As you can see, GD's track is pretty standard stuff, guys.  Calm yo tits!

So are you into GD's song or are you mad that he gives no f*cks?

Source: @formichetti, cycysandersHLU09maddecent.



  1. Well, I pretty much love it. Nice, downtempo beat plus lyrics I can certainly get into depending on how my day goes...

  2. I have to say when i first heard it i expected the cursing, because i have watch a fashion show or two, but didn't care for it right away, lol. So after another listen, I love it, lol!!!

  3. Yeah I'm totally a fan of this. He did a great job.

  4. I completely cracked up the first time I heard it and hard to come here to verify I was hearring it right.! Gitta love GD man.

  5. Lol ikr? GD is something else.

  6. love it. dark, viscous, erotic(to me at least) . i immediately thought about that rick owen's show too. but if i wasnt watching the video, id imagine different kind of clothes on the catwalk, maybe gd owning the stage himself lol. anyway, im always happy to see him doing new stuff : )

  7. Yeah, I wasn't into the clothes like I thought I'd be. I was expecting more. Well he's in London now with CL, maybe for fashion week so who knows, maybe he'll do something there.

  8. I wasn't expecting too much because I don't know what is "too much" in GD style. WITH the collection, I don't dislike the song. (But alone..... meh.). It kind of complements that strong manly looks of the runway. I smell nineties: black and fluorescent, geometrics designs, tight hairstyles, "futuristic" (I've read in some places), ¿anyone else?

  9. I agree with you in that I won't be listening to it by itself anytime soon. It's very runway appropriate but I like faster, harder beats, like British dubstep.

    There's just something about the collection that doesn't speak to me, but yes it's very '90s supermodel seeming.


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