Watch SHINee's 'Killer SHINee' VCR From The Japan Arena Tour DVD

SHINee released their first Japan Arena Tour DVD on December 3rd with much fanfare and brouhaha as usual, and I'm dying to see it.  I realized that one of the main things I really wanted to see was the VCR from the DVD.  I mean, we've seen them be silly and we've seen them be otherworldly but we've never seen them like this.  Behold 'Killer SHINee':

Killer SHINee VCR from the First Japan Arena Tour DVD

My babies are not babies anymore! <sob>

Seriously though, I'm loving the Matrix style special effects and all the badass-ery but I'm especially loving Key taking down that man w/ a flip.  Nice legs, dude! <wolf whistle>  I watched it closely and either that was him or they did an really good job with their editing.  Hmm...

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Source: kjhjkty.  Screencap by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with credit.


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