Watch The Last Of JongKey And Some Girls In World Date With SHINee Episode 3

Here's the last episode of "World Date With SHINee", English subbed for your viewing pleasure.  We all knew it had to end someday, but it's been cute (and a bit awkward) while it lasted.

Watch World Date with SHINee Episode 3 with English subs.

My favorite part of this episode?  Key's fangirling over Jonghyun's singing.  If that was acting then he deserves an award.

D'awww!  Look how he fingers that necklace as he smiles lovingly up at Jonghyun.  Was the camera supposed to even catch that or what?  You be the judge.

Alright my friends, that's it for "World Date".  Let me know what you liked best about this show.

Source: 0OoOOoOOo00, KBS World.

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  1. JongKey is real, no doubt about that! The loving looks between those two are just not something that you can fake. Like when Jonghyun was singing his eyes never left Key and of course Key was beaming back at him adoringly!! So cute!! :D


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