The Melon Music Awards 2012 Performances: The Best and The Meh

The 2012 Melon Music Awards happened earlier this morning for me, last night for many of you.  I don't know about you, but I'm thinking it was a damned sight better than the MAMA's.

I'm bringing you my thoughts on the best performances and the not-so-good... feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments like you did last time, but do remember that we all have different opinions.

B.A.P at the Melon Music Awards 2012

The Best-

B.A.P- Warrior:

Before you read anything else, please understand that I. Loved. This. Performance.  I just cannot believe they had to perform in those outfits, so I'm going to go on about it a bit.  I mean, they arrived in those clothes... I just hope they don't have to wear them out.  I can't imagine that those hot ass coats were comfortable and I'm quite sure they were sweating bullets before they were a minute into the song.

Do my eyes deceive me or is Zelo wearing a full suit with a turtleneck AND a coat?  I would have fainted right there.  Also, did I see one of them do a flip at one point?  Omg... double faint.

As I was watching, I gasped when they started to do the full dance break and all I could think was, "Poor you!".  But then at the end, when the "SWAT team" came out,  they did the gun finger in the air thing and everyone fell down except them... I was clapping and grinning like a fool.  They managed to make almost 5 minutes of nonstop dancing look easy(ish).  They're so good!

Watching Zelo cry when they won co- best new artist/rookie award was just the icing on the cake.  I'm happy they're happy.

INFINITE- The Chaser:

Ahhh these boys.  They have this style on lock down, don't they?  They're the only ones that can come out and I think, "Oh hey... they all look fabulous!" when they're all wearing some random combinations of white with fringe and straps.  Whoever does their outfits does a damned good job because they always look impeccable and never cheap.

As for their performance... what can I say??  Flaw free as usual.  <shrug>

It's Not Me + Beautiful Night:

The intro is long.  You can skip past it to 2:32 for the start of the performance. 

Can I just say that Hyunseung reminds me of Michael Jackson, pretty much in all his moves?  Well... he does.  If you don't think so, watch him closely.  His outfit is even Michael Jackson lite here.  Thank GAWD he's not wearing those high waisted stretch pants again 'cause UUGHHH!  Ok... I got that out of my system.

Anyway, the dubstep they're playing when they walk down the stairs onto the stage is the kind of dubstep that I like and actively purchase.  Some Kpop group needs to dabble in dubstep a little deeper.  Stop just getting your feet wet in it; jump in!

The first song was not my style but well done.  Next up is "Beautiful Night", and it's  just the kind of house song I'd listen to right now, but in Korean.  Really great song, really great performance.

I do have a bone to pick with their camera people:  Why do they keep showing Dongwoon when other people are singing?  I mean, he's cute and all but I like to see everyone, especially when their part is on.

Ailee feat. Huh Gak:

Not my type of music at all but I have one word...  Wow!  

That is all...

Honorable Mention-


Click to watch performance of "Alone"

Great intro and I wish they wouldn't have cut away from the exploding outfits shot.  That would've been awesome to see up close.  Great job, whoever came up with that.  I don't like "Alone" but this was a good performance.

K. Will feat. INFINITE H:

Click to watch performance of "Please Don't Go"

I'll have to give this song another listen because I'm intrigued.  I just didn't particularly care for Hoya's rapping.  His flow was a bit try hard.  Dongwoo sounded good though.  I'm excited to hear what they have to bring to the table when they make their debut.

One question though:  Does K. Will kind of remind you of Big Bang's Daesung (face and body) or is it just me?

The Meh-


This was just bad... Really, really bad.  I was cringing and fast forwarding and cringing some more.  I'm cringing right now, even.


Yes, I'm sure I'm gonna incur a little of the wrath of the Blackjacks with this one but I have to say it.  I like 2NE1 a lot and I played this song to death when it first came out and still have it on rotation but I just can't watch them perform this.  It just doesn't do anything for me.  I even hate the stupid scarves.  They looked really good on the red carpet, though.

What did you guys think of the Melon Awards?

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  1. You posted Infinite's video quite a few times there o__o

  2. Lol thanks for that or I might not even have noticed. That's what happens when you blog while sleepy.


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