Have a Very Merry Kpop Christmas!

I know that some of my readers, and many Kpop fans in general, don't celebrate Christmas.  For the ones that do, I wanted to wish everyone a happy and fun Christmas from Oddness/Weirdness!  As they'd say in Korea, eat well and stay warm and dry and be safe!  For the ones that don't, I know I'm a bit late but Happy belated Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa if you celebrate that and Happy Holidays in general.

Here are some Kpop Christmas videos for your enjoyment:

Shinee Christmas wallpaper
cr. jaycee-pocky

SHINee- Last Christmas:

Super Junior M's Henry and f(x)'s Amber- Happy Holidays:


Ailee- My Grown Up Christmas List:

SMTOWN- Santa You Are the One:

JYP Nation- This Christmas:

SNSD- All I Want For Christmas Is You:

Fanmade- MBLAQ Happy Christmas:

Lastly, we couldn't have Christmas without a Gangnam Style Christmas light show, could we??

Source: SHINeeTimesSMTOWNixFaithlesssoneHD33GreywithJoon1woollimentMonsterxGamerxDelaneyChristmas.



  1. I did not know that many kpoppers not celebrating Christmas ... (I'm on that team) Anyway, Merry Christmas to those who do! Feliz Navidad, Erika!

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!


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