Have Some More "World Date With SHINee": Here's Episode 2 With English Subs

The 2nd episode of "World Date With SHINee" has been subbed!  I think it's about time to watch some more of these girls being silly in front of Key and Jonghyun.  If you haven't seen episode 1, watch it here.  Commence watching ep 2 now:

SHINee's Key World Date with SHINee episode 2 with English subs

My favorite part of this episode is when the two girls dance "Lucifer" and "Juliette" in front of (and with) JongKey and get it exactly right.  If I were them, I probably would've died (at least a little).

Also, Key's English is so good, isn't it?  <3

Most amusing part is when they're cooking for the winners and Jonghyun wraps up some samgyeopsal in a lettuce leaf just for the one girl who doesn't like vegetables.  I cracked up watching the other contestant's blank faces as they tried to hide their jealousy.  Oh girls... don't you know Jonghyun and Key only have eyes for each other??  <smirk>

What did you think of episode 2?

Source: nisahganu via StormofstarzZ2, KBS World.

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  1. Keys English really is flawless, with only the occasional accent, I wonder why he doesn't use it more? I love in the beginning where the girls are introducing themselves and Key is translating while Jjong looks clueless >.< I would have thought Jonghyun might have picked up a little more from Key by now ^.~ Enjoying this excuse for a public JongKey date a lot! ^^


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