Fashion DON'T: Big Bang T.O.P's Prada Coat

Alright T.O.P, I'm all for you wearing funky patterns and crazy colors.  I get it... you want to be fabulous and there's nothing wrong with that.  I've seen you in some Prada coats recently and, even though some people have been talking crap, I've had your back.  I thought you looked really good.  However, let's get something straight: This is where I draw the line-

Big Bang T.O.P airport fashion 121214



Have a Very Merry Kpop Christmas!

I know that some of my readers, and many Kpop fans in general, don't celebrate Christmas.  For the ones that do, I wanted to wish everyone a happy and fun Christmas from Oddness/Weirdness!  As they'd say in Korea, eat well and stay warm and dry and be safe!  For the ones that don't, I know I'm a bit late but Happy belated Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa if you celebrate that and Happy Holidays in general.

Here are some Kpop Christmas videos for your enjoyment:

Shinee Christmas wallpaper
cr. jaycee-pocky



Seungri's Tweets Continue To Amuse and Amaze

Seungri has been a busy man this year, what with all that touring the world business and the feeling up on random Japanese starlets' goodies business, amongst other things.  But still, one of the absolute best things he's done this year continues to be his (super funny) usage of his Twitter account.

Big Bang's Seungri



SHINee Strikes a Pose For SWITCH Magazine Vol. 31

SHINee has kind of taken over the pages of contemporary Japanese magazines, but who could blame them?  

I love the styling for this spread in SWITCH magazine Vol. 31., especially Minho's outfit.  I'd totally wear that.  Actually I just realized that Jonghyun looks like a school teacher.  Ah well... enjoy!

SHINee for Switch magazine volume 31


Watch SHINee's 'Killer SHINee' VCR From The Japan Arena Tour DVD

SHINee released their first Japan Arena Tour DVD on December 3rd with much fanfare and brouhaha as usual, and I'm dying to see it.  I realized that one of the main things I really wanted to see was the VCR from the DVD.  I mean, we've seen them be silly and we've seen them be otherworldly but we've never seen them like this.  Behold 'Killer SHINee':

Killer SHINee VCR from the First Japan Arena Tour DVD



Watch The Last Of JongKey And Some Girls In World Date With SHINee Episode 3

Here's the last episode of "World Date With SHINee", English subbed for your viewing pleasure.  We all knew it had to end someday, but it's been cute (and a bit awkward) while it lasted.

Watch World Date with SHINee Episode 3 with English subs.


FTISLAND Werq It Out In Wiglets For L'Officiel Hommes November Issue

Ahh fashion... how I have missed thee.  I seriously have missed blogging about fashion, even though I've kind of gone away from that in the past month or more.  I will be getting back into the swing of things in January, which is when I'll have more time to focus on blogging.

I've got some airport style and Fashion Finds posts in the works, which I haven't done in awhile.  I've also got to do an Idol Style post... it's been a long time since I did one of those .

But I digress.  To get me back into the swing of things here's those cuties from FTISLAND, who were featured in the November 2012 issue of L'Officiel Hommes.  They want you to know that they are so not afraid to do the dapper '70s gentleman thing while wearing a wiglet or two.  WERQ it, bishes!

FTISLAND for L'Officiel Hommes Korea November 2012 issue.



Strictly for the Visuals: Oddness/Weirdness Does Top 10 Kpop Videos of 2012

We're back with another Top 10, and by "we" I mean Stormy and myself.  This time we're talking about the top 10 videos of 2012 and as mentioned in the title, it's strictly for the visuals.  We won't be bringing you our thoughts on the bestest Kpop songs of the year, as we already did that, or even the best songs/videos.  This post is just about the videos released in 2012 that wowed us visually.

Yes, some of the songs on this list are the same as on our Top 10 songs list but that's because it just so happens that, in our opinions, both the song and the mv are perfection.

Don't agree with us?  No problem!  Scroll on down to the comments section and let your fingers fly.

Oddness/Weirdness Kpop blog does Top 10 Kpop Videos of 2012



The Melon Music Awards 2012 Performances: The Best and The Meh

The 2012 Melon Music Awards happened earlier this morning for me, last night for many of you.  I don't know about you, but I'm thinking it was a damned sight better than the MAMA's.

I'm bringing you my thoughts on the best performances and the not-so-good... feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments like you did last time, but do remember that we all have different opinions.

B.A.P at the Melon Music Awards 2012



SHINee's Jonghyun and Key Are Flirty and Coy For Jille Magazine + Interview (Eng Trans)

For awhile there you might have thought that JongKey was no more but they've recently been all over each other again.  I've seen some handsy fancams from the last SHINee World II concert and they've been super flirty and touch-y in World Date With SHINee.  Well now they're taking it even further in the January 2013 issue of Jille magazine.

SHINee JongKey Jille Magazine scans + interview eng trans


SHINee Releases "The World Where You Exist" + "1000 Years" Album Pics

SHINee's single "1000 Years, Always By Your Side" has officially been released, and with it comes the release of the B-side, "The World Where You Exist".

SHINee has been on a roll this year.  They've been performing all over the world and filming commercials and mvs, and releasing songs left and right.  I guess they want to make sure you don't forget about them as 2013 approaches.  SME and EMI Japan have done a good job with that by ensuring they release quality products, and this one is no different.   I certainly won't be forgetting about them any time soon.

Take a listen to "The World Where You Exist":

Shinee 1000 Years Always By Your Side mv screencap


G-Dragon Does an Interview for XXL Magazine

When Big Bang was on the East Coast of the U.S. for their Alive Tour concerts, G-Dragon sat down with XXL, a very popular urban culture/rap magazine.

Being written up in XXL mag is a big deal for any rapper, much less a Kpop artist.  You can imagine how big of a deal it would be for GD, even if said artist is one of the most popular in the Kpop genre.  When you do a search for Kpop on XXL's site, 4 articles come up and this is the only one that's an actual interview.  Yeah... I'm excited.

It's such a great article.  There are definitely some really interesting things that are revealed and it seems like GD was very honest throughout, and quite a bit more open than he would be for a Korean magazine.

Read on and then leave me a comment.  I'm curious to know what you think.

G-Dragon One of a Kind XXL mag



Kpop WTF: HyunA, Goo Hara And Hyorin Twerk It For Chum Churum Soju

If you haven't taken a gander at Sistar's Hyorin, Kara's Goo Hara and 4minute's HyunA poppin' and twerkin' it in the 19+ commercials for soju brand Chum Churum, then you need to because it is not to be missed.

Sistar's Hyorin, Kara's Goo Hara and 4minute's HyunA twerk it for Chum Churum soju.
cr. karalalala


Oddness/Weirdness Does Top 10 Songs of 2012

It is currently the time of year when every kind of site, magazine, radio station, etc., starts making their "Top Whatever of 2012" lists and I wanted to jump in on that bandwagon with my First Annual Top 10 Songs of the Year list.  Of course I have to do it my way, and that entails me asking my friends for their help.

My friends and I have been talking about Kpop music and music videos all year, so they're as qualified as I am to make judgements and pronouncements.  In other words, not qualified at all, but hey, that hasn't stopped us yet!

Joining me will be MyMusicRadar! aka Stormy to her friends.  Like me, Stormy also runs a Kpop blog and Tumblr and has written for this site before; I couldn't have done this post without her.  Also joining us (for contrast) is Dasiey28, an avid Kpop enthusiast and Kdrama watcher extraordinaire.  If you ever need to find any Kpop mv or need to know where to watch a Kdrama, ask and she shall find.  She is the Kpop-finding master.  Oh and btw, I'm Erika.  :)

Vote for your Song of the Year at the end of this post;  if you don't like our choices you can write your song in.  I'll be posting the results on December 21st.  Make sure to leave me a comment with your feels/thoughts.  Got a different opinion?  Let me know!

Top 10 Songs of 2012



Have Some More "World Date With SHINee": Here's Episode 2 With English Subs

The 2nd episode of "World Date With SHINee" has been subbed!  I think it's about time to watch some more of these girls being silly in front of Key and Jonghyun.  If you haven't seen episode 1, watch it here.  Commence watching ep 2 now:

SHINee's Key World Date with SHINee episode 2 with English subs



Video of the Day: Block B's Zico Performs "Battle Royal" at the DIMA Student Music Festival

I rarely ever post something at the crack of dawn, but that's what I'm doing right now because my feels are exploding all over the place.

I happened to come upon one of these fancams a few minutes ago and had to upload it, since it contains footage of Block B's Zico performing his song "Battle Royal" onstage at the DIMA Student Music Festival on 121206.  Then I found another that included the beginning of his performance, so I'm posting both.

Block B Zico Battle Royal Dima Student Music Festival 121206 fancam



UPDATED: They Cannot Keep Us Away From Our SHINee: Watch "1000 Years, Always By Your Side" Complete Version

Well, well, well... EMI Japan released the completed version of SHINee's "1000 Years" but made it unavailable in who knows how many countries, including the U.S.  Boy was I pissed when I saw that.  So in other words, they tried to keep tons of Shawols away from their SHINee and we all know what happens when someone tries to do that.

I call bullshit on EMI Japan and then laugh mockingly because an awesome fan reuploaded that mv fast as hell.  Watch it below!

Watch SHINee 1000 Years, Always By Your Side mv complete version here.



SHINee's "1000 Years, Always By Your Side" PV Extended Version Viewing Party Coming Soon + More

I was informed earlier today by a commenter named Milan that an extended/complete version of SHINee's "1000 Years, Always By Your Side" pv would be available for viewing soon.  Gotta love those commenters, right?  Read on for more info.

SHINee 1000 Days Always By Your Side extended pv info



UPDATED: World Date With SHINee Episode 1 With English Subs

I just was about to head to bed and happened to see that a link to the World Date With SHINee episode 1 with English subsvideos had been posted recently.  I just love SHINee fan subbers, they're so fast and dedicated.  Make sure to watch quickly before they're deleted!

UPDATE: Click to watch episode 2  & 3!

World Date With SHINee Episode 1 Eng Sub


Stop The Presses! G-Dragon Went & Got Himself Some New Hair

Yes you read that right.  Big Bang's G-Dragon has gone and gotten himself a new hairstyle and cut.  You know I, along with many other VIPs, were dying to know what he would do next.  Take a look at G-Dragon at Gimpo airport, leaving Korea on the way to Hong Kong:

Big Bang G-Dragon's new hair color Gimpo airport 121204.



Watch Big Bang on Danny From L.A. Episodes 1 & 2 With English Subs

When Big Bang was in Los Angeles in early November for their Alive concert tour stops, they ended up being guests on a show called "Danny From L.A.", which is an Mnet America weekly original show that talks about Asian pop culture and entertainment.  Watch Big Bang in all their lo-fi splendor as they relax, laugh and talk in a mixture of English and Korean about all kinds of topics, especially their delicious looking In 'n Out burgers.

Big Bang on Danny From L.A. episodes 1 & 2 with English Subs
cr. korea.com.  



The 2012 MAMAs: Performances That Killed It & The Ones That Failed

As I'm sure all you Kpop lovers were aware, the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMAs, finally happened earlier this morning (or last night depending on where you live),

Check out the performances I thought were genius PLUS the ones that were full of fail below, and then make sure to let me know which were the ones you loved and hated in the comments.

Edited to add:  After reading the comments I received, I felt compelled to add that I'm not just a YG and SM stan.  I did like other performances, like Block B's and Gain's, I'm just waiting to make another post when I find more HD videos.

Big Bang 2012 MAMA Monster In Me pic
cr. kpopstarz

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