More Info on SHINee's Upcoming Single "1000 Years, Always By Your Side" + A Bonus Fancam

As mentioned here a few days ago, SHINee is going to be releasing a new Japanese single album, "1000 Years, Always By Your Side", and I happened to find a few interesting tidbits for your viewing and listening pleasure.

SHINee 1000 Days, Always By Your Side mv preview screencap 121122

Firstly, there's the new preview that was shown on Mezamashi TV on November 22nd.

And then there's the really good audio version with English subbed lyrics that I came upon:

Can I tell you how much I really, really like this song?  I just listened to it about 5 times in a row so far, and I'm planning at least one more listen.  This is the kind of SHINee song I like to hear, whether it's in Japanese or Korean.  

I love that they're all dressed up in their quasi-victorian garb, and looking handsome as heck.  
I'm also interested to see the whole pv to check out that story.  It looks like it'll be pretty bittersweet, kind of like Big Bang's Haru Haru in that the first time I watched it I ended up (shockingly for me) with a tear in my eye by the end.

SHINee 1000 Days, Always By Your Side mv preview screencap 121122
Balloons make everything better.
You know what else I love?  That Taemin seems to now be considered one of their main singers.  Long gone are the days of the fake mics and lip syncing for Taemin; he worked hard for the privilege and it shows.  Taemin can now belt it out along with the rest of them.  Well, everyone except for maybe poor Minho with his inaudible raps.  What is he ever saying?  I don't even think I'd be able to understand what he's mumbling, even if it was all in English.  

Ok, ok... I'm teasing (sort of).  

SHINee 1000 Days, Always By Your Side mv preview screencap 121122
Sing it, Jjong... sing it!

Lastly, there's the following fancam from yesterday's (or today's, depending on where you are) SM Town concert in Singapore, in which Onew corrects the interpreter and Taemin speaks some adorable English.  This is a must see for sure.
SHINee talking at SMTOWN III in Singapore 121123


Stay tuned for more SHINee and "1000 Days, Always By Your Side" info.

Source:  bluecaramelful via dkpopnewsMarshymallowFluffTingsy via mymusicradar @ tumblr.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.


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