Video of the Day: Block B's "Nillili Mambo" MV + Listen to the "Blockbuster" Album

Block B's comeback is finally upon us with the release of their "Nillili Mambo" mv.  Talk about doing it up right!  Take a look:

Block B Blocktober official album pic

There's so much good stuff in this mv, I just don't know where to start!   Presumably from the beginning...

Firstly, I love that they did a modern day pirate theme.  That works so well with that crazy and fun vibe they always exude and I'm SO glad they didn't lose all that silliness and insanity after their controversy.  

Block B Nillili mv screencap.
Secondly, how about that Zico?  Can I just keep him in my pocket?  Actually not really... he'd probably end up busting holes in my clothes 'cause he'd be jumping around so much.  The man has some serious energy.  

I'm loving the pink half dreads/half straight hair... works so well on him with that wonky eye contact.  It's interesting how he can pull that off and not end up looking like a hobo.  

Block B Zico Nillili mv screencap.

That outfit is so, so good also.  Great job, stylist noona.  I want that jacket and I wouldn't turn down the shoes either.  

Block B Zico Nillili outfit mv screencap.

Block B Zico Nillili outfit mv screencap.

I like how they did some print mixing with the floral jacket and plaid pants, then added in some great jewelry and that awesome skull belt.  Everything works together, including those gold, black and white sneakers and that vest.  Love it.  I might have to hunt down that jacket... hmm.

Can we talk about the song now?  "Nillili Mambo" will go right on my iPhone playlist as soon as it's available for download.  I liked everything about it, especially the classical stylings with some hip hop flavor woven through it.  I wonder if Zico produced and created this one.  If so, he did an excellent job.

There's so much derp in this video...

Block B UKwon Nillili mv screencap.

Classic Block B.  Plus that ending is stellar and had me cracking up.  What a perfect ending for such a well done mv.  

Edited to add: I just realized as I was about to finish this post that the "Blockbuster" album has been released.  Take a listen to a few tracks:
"Mental Breaker"
"장난없다 (No Joke)"
"Movie's Over"
Click here to listen to the rest of the songs.  Make sure to download the songs legally so that Block B makes some money!


1. 11:30
2. Interlude
3. 닐리리맘보 (Nillili Mambo)
4. Mental Breaker
5. 장난없다 (No Joke)
6. Movie’s Over
7. 넌 어디에 (Where Are You)
8. 로맨틱하게 (Romantically)
9. 했어 안했어 (Did Your or Did You Not)
10. Halo
11. 닐리리맘보 (Inst.)
12. Mental Breaker (Inst.)
13. 닐리리맘보 (A cappela ver.)
14. Mental Breaker (A cappella ver.)

14 whole songs!  Insert fangirl squeal here.

I'll leave you with a few more "Nillili Mambo" screen caps.  Let me know how you liked the mv and the album in the comments and be sure to check back later for more Block B comeback goodness.
Block B Jaehyo Nillili mv screencap.

Block B P.O and B-Bomb Nillili mv screencap.

Block B Taeil Nillili mv screencap.

Block B Park Kyung Nillili mv screencap.

Source: LOENENTBubbleFeetBlueCH1, AKP.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.


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