UK VIPs Rejoice: Big Bang Announces A Concert in Wembley Arena

I bet European VIPs are freaking out as we speak, because it was announced earlier this morning that Big Bang would be holding an Alive Tour concert in London's Wembley Arena.

Big Bang to hold their Alive Tour in Wembley Arena, UK.

YG Entertainment announced this December 15th concert via Big Bang's official Facebook page at around 5 am this morning, New York time.  I was half asleep as I read it and yet still managed to send a few congratulatory tweets out to the Kpop fans I know in England, since I know what I big deal this would be to them.  

Fyi, Wembley Arena holds 12,500 people and it's the largest venue that a Kpop group will have played in outside of Asia.  

I'm soooo excited for all the European VIPs and Kpop lovers out there, especially since they thought Big Bang would not be playing in Europe.  I am, however, sad for the fans in South America that won't be able to see them in November after the concert stop there was abruptly cancelled.

Tickets go on sale on October 26th (Friday) at ticketmaster.co.uk and livenation.co.uk.  Make sure to be ready at a computer or phone at the exact time the tickets go on sale if you want to be sure to get tickets.  I know people who didn't do this when the New Jersey or Los Angeles tickets went on sale and they missed out.  

If you live in Europe and plan on going (or you just want to say hi), drop me a message in the comments below!

Source: UnitedkpopBig Bang's official Facebookbigbangupdates.  Image credited as tagged.



  1. I hope loads of people have fun at the concert but with my latest article, I hope they will also be careful: http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/uk-k-pop-fans-how-the-others-see-us/ If you are interested, please read and comment :)

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