SHINee Releases Full Audio of "Dazzling Girl" + More

Damn you, SHINee... you've done it again.  I've been saying that I don't particularly like the song "Dazzling Girl" since the beginning and yet here I am a month later realizing that I actually kinda, sorta do.  How'd I know this would happen?

Support SHINee by purchasing "Dazzling Girl" legally.  You can buy the mp3 now on iTunes Japan.  Click the link and then open iTunes, which will prompt you to change the store from your current country to Japan.  This is new to me so if you do buy the song, let me know how it works out!  Scroll down for more buy links.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you've probably realized by now that I pull no punches on my thoughts on anything Kpop related.  I'm not one of those fans that loves every single thing a group does, even if it's just ok or super horrible.  If you came here for all rainbows and sparkles all the time, you'll probably be disappointed.  That being said, I obviously have a soft spot in my heart for SHINee and all their shenanigans and yet up until last week I wasn't fully sold on "Dazzling Girl".  The song is very Jpop, which I'm not usually into.

I'm not sure what made me upgrade my review of this song from meh to, "Oh hey... I'm kinda dancing in my chair and singing to it!" but it's happened.  I even listened to it multiple times just now.  Seems like being able to listen to the whole track has apparently worked some sort of miracle in my brain.

Part of it had to do with the mv being kind of cute, even though I don't like all of the choreography.  I'm still reserving the right to change my mind when the dance version is (hopefully) revealed.  It was choreographed by the S**t Kings, who are a group of choreographers from Japan.  They also did the choreography for EXO's History.  Watch them be all bad ass in their dance practice version:
S**t King do EXO's "History": 
EXO-K "History": 

What do you guys think?

Global Shawols don't seem to be taking to "Dazzling Girl" as readily as EMI Japan and SM Entertainment probably hoped.  The short version PV was released on September 25 but has only racked up a little over 594,000 views, with 192 dislikes as of this moment.  I distinctly remember the "Sherlock" mv being viewed that many times in a day or two.

They're really doing a big promotional push for this song, which I find very interesting and a bit surprising.  Normally when SHINee goes to promote in Japan, or anywhere else that's not Korea, you usually don't hear much of anything about them from Kpop news sites unless you know where to look.  It'll be interesting to see what all this unusual fanfare does for the song in the long run.

Check out all the teasers and previously released info on the "Dazzling Girl" thread here.
Buy links for the 3 "Dazzling Girl" versions:

A (CD + DVD + 11 Photo Card Sheets + 1 Trading Card + 1 Solo Photo)

B (CD + 6 Photo Cards Sheets + 1 Trading Card + 1 Solo Photo)

Standard (CD + 1 Solo Photo)

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  1. Incredible choreography!

  2. I know right? They're so good...

  3. Hi I tried to buy Dazzling Girl via iTunes Japan and it wouldn't let me because my apple id is only for US. So I tried to create a new idea in the iTunes Japan but I needed an address from Japan -_-

  4. Email me and I'll tell you how to download it if you haven't already. Oddness_weirndess@yahoo.com


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