G-Dragon "CRAYON" And Fashion on Inkigayo 121007

I think it's about time for another GD post up in here.  G-Dragon performed "Crayon" on SBS Inkigayo yesterday, looking cute as a button in his Wonder Woman robe.  I've got the performance for you below and, of course, some fashion finds.

G-Dragon Inkigayo 121007

This time GD decided to wear something extra easy to find.  I knew that was a Chrome Hearts tank right away, and I knew which pants he was wearing since he'd worn them before.  The shoes were also easy because I'd come across them when I was looking for his "Crayon" mv fish sneakers.  Thanks for not making me scour the web today, GD... you're a doll.

DC Comics:

G-Dragon Inkigayo 121007 Style
I've only ever found the robe with star belt here at Amazon UK. 

Chrome Hearts:

G-Dragon Inkigayo 121007 Style
You can only buy legit Chrome Hearts at a few stores.
Get it here.

Kenzo x Vans:

G-Dragon Inkigayo 121007 Style

G-Dragon Inkigayo 121007 Style
Buy them here in multiple colors.

 Men's Biker Pintuck Curdoroy

G-Dragon Inkigayo 121007 Style
Worn previously in the "One of a Kind" mv.
Buy it here for only $730.

Source: Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness, Balmain, Amazon UKBIGBANG



  1. How many guys could get away with wearing a Wonder Woman dressing gown? :D

  2. I know right? My thoughts exactly... which is why I like him. Oh btw, you should make a Disqus account so you don't have to keep signing in. :)

  3. His hair though.. I wanna touch it O_O

  4. I kinda like him too, and I quite like aspects of this song too. My favourite part is when he says "Why so serious?" :D

    I do and it says I have a Disqus account, but I still have to sign in.

  5. It usually makes me sign in when I haven't used it for awhile... Odd though.

    As for GD... I'm glad u like him. First Shinee, then Amber, Psy and now GD. Mwahahaaaa my evil plan is working!! Lol

  6. I know! This might be my favorite GD hair of all his styles. Before my favorite was the red from summer 2011 I think.

    This is a great fashion post.


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