Block B Slays Everyone on M! Countdown With "Nillili Mambo" + More

Block B held their first "Nillini Mambo" comeback stage earlier today on M! Countdown and they were taking names and snatching wigs.

Watch Block B on M! Countdown 121018 and more.

I'm so proud of these boys!  They schooled everyone on the show on how to have a proper comeback stage.  Kudos to Stardom Entertainment for doing such a good job with everything about their comeback.  Their outfits are great, the choreography is great, the song is epic.... I couldn't ask for more.

I love that moment at around 2:30 when they seem to be taking a jab at B.A.P  UKwon's eye roll says it all...  I quite like B.A.P a lot but that was good stuff.

I’m also glad that the guys didn’t change their crazy ways, they just added some maturity and even better music to their silliness. Excellent job, Stardom Entertainment and Block B and I look forward to whatever else you guys have in store for us.

Don't forget to watch Block B's Match Up on SBS MTV, starting today.  You can watch the live stream here and then watch the English translations done by their international fan site, International Block on Youtube here.  Follow @blockbintl for all Block B info translated quickly.

Also don't forget to buy their Blockbuster album.  I just did that on iTunes, and you can pre-order the physical album at YesAsia.

Source: KMnetLive.



  1. I GOT THE ALBUM (limited edition w/poster and all sorts of shit) TODAY AND IT'S GLORIOUS <3 OUR BOYS ARE BACK! WOOOHHHH!

  2. Oh, and they're not making fun of BAP :) Nillili Mambo is jibberish. They added it for jokes, so I think a lot of the dance moves and actions in both the MV and choreography are all just for funs. If anything it's probably to illustrate that the "guy keeping all strings gathered" has no idea wtf he's doing. LOL.

  3. They've been rocking these stages. I'm anticipating all their live stages for this song because they give a lot of energy that elevates it so much.

  4. What do u think of the album?

  5. They sure have been! I'll be posting more stages and Match Up stuff when it's subbed.


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