Videos of the Day: TVXQ!'s "Catch Me" MV + Dance Practice

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had flu-like symptoms on Saturday and now it's Thursday and I'm just starting to feel a bit better.  I ended up with what I thought was a cold/flu but ended up being bronchitis, so forgive me for not blogging sooner.  I'm back though... and I missed so much stuff, of course.  If you're away from the Kpop world, a few days seems like a year, doesn't it?  Or maybe that's just me.

I'm still going to talk about some songs that came out earlier this week, namely TVXQ! and their new comeback mv, "Catch Me".

Ya know, I like this song quite a bit.  I like that it's more electronica based than their previous cd and I would even like an instrumental version of the song.  It's just the type of song that would remix well and I'm very into the dub step elements, though a lot of people seem to be tired of having some dub step thrown in with their Kpop.  I listen to quite a bit of non-Kpop related dub step so I liked it immediately.

Now, that's what I thought was good.  What was NOT good was the mv and the choreography.  The song was choreographed by Tony Testa, who did the choreo for SHINee's "Sherlock".  "Sherlock" was really epic so I'm pretty surprised at this mess he created.  I can't believe that poor Yunho and Changmin actually have to do these cheesy as hell dance moves.  And when I say cheesy as hell, I mean just plain bad.  I kept cringing in the first minute of the mv, but then it gets better... until this:

No... just no.  I just can't with that.

There are some parts to the choreography that I think are pretty cool, like the whole arm thing.

Looks kind of awesome, though I've heard some people say it was a little try-hard.  But wait... are they dancing in milk?

What the hell?


There were small glimmers of kind-of-awesome in a whole lot of dimness.  At least they weren't performing in a box like so many other SM artists are forced to.  They get to travel to other places, like the movie Alien's space ship set.

Ah well... at least we get to see them perform it live, though the dance seems pretty strenuous.   Those TVXQ! men are used to it though.

Check out their just recently released dance practice in the well known SM Entertainment practice room:

TVXQ! "Catch Me" Only Dance

Still not a fan...

My other favorite song from the album is called "Viva".  Take a listen:

Now this song I really like.
Want to listen to the rest of the album?  Click here, but be sure to download it from a reputable source like iTunes to support TVXQ!  Listen quickly before it gets deleted.

What did you think of "Catch Me"?  Did you like the song or hate it?  Was the mv great for you or did it work your nerves?  Leave me a comment with your "Catch Me" feels.

Source: SMTOWNOCLipstick.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.


  1. Sorry you've been unwell. I thought things were a bit quiet here!

    Btw PSW Gangnam Style is massive here now. Currently at number 3 in the charts but I think it may go to number one this week. It goes down so well at my gigs. :D

  2. Hey u! Was hoping u didn't stop reading coz u hate Disqus. :)

    I'm almost to the point where I can breathe normally... Yay! Thought I was gonna have to go to the doctors.

    I heard Gangnam Style is huge everywhere. Too funny! Great song but I'm wondering why that one. I know so many Kpop entertainment company CEOs are so mad right now coz they spent all this time and money trying to crack the American music market and Psy wasn't even trying. Hahaaaa...

  3. Well Disqus is bloody annoying I have to admit! :D I just wish it would store my info. I've been really busy too. :)

    I'm glad you are better, I hate the doctors. :D

    It's weird, there are a lot "novelty" songs floating around at the moment like Bom Bom by Sam and the Womp, which is also massive here. It's probably on the back of that, but radio stations here try and ignore certain songs like this, but when they get so big they're almost forced to play them. The other day I was listening to Kiss and they were explaining to listeners what "Gangham" means. I think it's the language barrier that stops other tracks doing so well here.


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