Ticket Details for Big Bang's Alive Galaxy Tour in NJ & CA Finally Announced!

Well damn... this took forever!  Ticket sale dates for Big Bang's Alive Galaxy Tour in the U.S. were FINALLY announced via Powerhouse Live last night and I'm like, flipping tables in excitement.  Well, really I'm only doing that internally.  Read on:

Tickets go on sale Saturday September 22nd at 10:00 am on Ticketmaster.com.  I'm glad they didn't wait til the last minute to put tickets on sale, like some Kpop artists have been known to do.  Still, the tickets for concerts that are going to be held at later dates were put on sale first, which was pretty annoying but whatever.  I'm over it now.  

I'm definitely going to the November 9th date in New Jersey but there's also a date in California on November 3rd.  Who's going or wants to go?  Leave me a comment!  

More info below.

Source: Powerhouse

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