Spazz With Me: SHINee World II Concerts in Taiwan Mega Spam Post

Those shining SHINee boys recently completed their SHINee World II Concerts in Taipei, Taiwan and I've got some loverly pics and fancams for ya.

SHINee performed in front of about 18,000 fans and were, as always, cute, funny and entertaining.  They performed a ton of songs, including their older hits like "Replay" as well as more obscure songs like "To Your  Heart" but many older songs were given an upgrade with new remixes and a retooling of their choreography.  They also seem to have mostly sung live, which I love.

Get ready to spazz with me while we take a look at these perfect fancams and pics.  Enjoy!

Loving those pics?  Way more pics available on the Oddness/Weirdness Facebook page here.



Taemin's solo- Korn's "Get Up"

Jonghyun's solo- "Y Si Fuera Ella"


"To Your Heart"



Onew's Solo- "I Won't Give Up" and "Passionate Goodbye" (Onew's voice is something else, isn't it??):

"Juliette" aka my jam:

Cute ending moments:

For way more awesome fancams, click on these links: aningparkFINAL1997329zhenisme and make sure to leave a comment letting them know how much you appreciate their fancams and to thank them for not making their videos private.

Source: forever_shineefuckyeahdivakeyfuckyeahflamingminhofuckyeahmushroomtaeminfuckyeahpuppyjonghyunfuckyeahsquishyonewshiningshawols.



  1. Thanks for the post! Made my morning =))

    Love Jong but is he on steroids or something?

  2. You're so welcome and good morning! Lol as for steroids...I I think Jjong has been working out like crazy since before Sherlock then they all lost quite a bit of weight while they were doing their SHINee world concerts in Japan. He actually doesn't look as skinny as he did in the summer... Sad right?

  3. Grrl, that Lucifer in the round was *&%$ COOL. Holy smokes!

    LOVE this post!

  4. Oh, and Replay is MA SONG.

    Looks like they and the fans had a terrific time. It's always a pleasure to see the boys doing well! It's a SHINee world, yo. :)

  5. I'm glad u liked it! Juliette is my JAM so I know how u feel. Love Replay too but something about Juliette gets to me. I'm so glad they're doing well also. They're my boys! Lolll


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