G-Dragon's 1st Mini Album COUNTDOWN LIVE + Countdown Fashion

G-Dragon and YG Entertainment decided to post what they call a rerun of G-Dragon's 1st mini album countdown show.  It was shown on Naver Music on the 14th, leading up to the release of his album and now they've posted it with English subs.  How nice!  Take a look:

G-Dragon is wearing a sweatshirt by the brand Bonerex.  I could only find it at what seems to be a Japanese mega shopping site with no English in sight so you can buy it at your own risk.  If you don't want a sweatshirt you can always go for the t-shirt version.

Buy here.

Buy here... only a few left.

Why GD is wearing sunglasses at night and indoors I have no idea.  You'll have to ask him.

Taeyang is wearing a double layer Givenchy sweater with shoulder zips, which I love.

Available here.

Too bad I don't have an extra $1205 lying around to spend on that.  You know how it goes.

You can buy the "One of a Kind" mini album directly from YG Entertainment's Ebay store.  An incentive to getting it and not the digital album would be that "Light it Up" feat. Tablo and Dok2 is only available on the physical album, which I'm not happy about.  I am considering getting it becuase I love the packaging.  

Which one would you get?

I've already had some friends say that they wouldn't get it because of all the religious imagery.  At the risk of alienating people, I'll admit that I'm not religious and find nothing wrong with it at all.  In fact, I'm pretty sure GD went choose to use that imagery just to get people riled up, which is pretty amusing.  

Anyway, I started watching this video yesterday and forgot to post it or finish it.  Shame, shame.  I'm gonna go watch it now... Hope you enjoy!  Let's discuss it in the comments below after we're done.

Source: BIGBANG, YG Entertainment Ebay, RSVP GalleryRatuken.  Screencap by Oddness/Weirdness.



  1. Hmm...more chrome hearts-inspired than religious, in my view. Which GD loves, of course. Taeyang's sweater is awesome, but so expensive. The chrome hearts pendeant he's rocking, though, probably cost 10 times more!

  2. I made the mistake of watching when I was hungry. There was so much food! Thanks for the heads up on the fashion. And GD's hair just keeps growing on me.

  3. Ya know... I STILL haven't watched it?? Smdh @ me...


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