G-Dragon to Release New Mini-Album, "Crayon" News + Comeback Stage Date

Just in case you've been living under a rock and you didn't know, G-Dragon will be releasing his full mini-album, "One of a Kind", on September 15th.  Check out the track list here:

The title track will be the song "Crayon", which is a combination of the word "crazy" and "G-dragon".  Yep, I know... kinda cheesy but he'll probably make it sound and look so good that we'll be saying it for months afterwards.  Or not.

GD's also been filming the mv for "Crayon".  He tweeted a few pics from the mv starting September 6th:


"Now I'm shooting mv."

This one was tweeted in the early a.m. in Korea:

"Still shooting.  I'm sleepy"

There'll be seven tracks on the upcoming mini-album and they'll feature cameos by artists such as underground rapper Dok2, Tablo, Juarim's Kim Yoona, and Nell's Kim Jong Wan.  There's also a track called "Without You", that features an unnamed artists from YG's new girl group.  Fans and netizens are speculating that it could very well be Jennie Kim, who also starred in the "That XX" mv.  Wondering why?  Here's a video of 16 yr. old Jennie Kim rapping her ass off that YG Entertainment released a few weeks ago:

I'm assuming she's rapping in English but I can only get a few words of what she's saying.  She definitely needs to enunciate more.

GD's mini album will be released online on September 15 and will hit stores on September 18.

There's more news though!  It was just revealed that GD will be making his first solo comeback stage in 3 years on SBS's Inkigayo.  He'll be performing "Crayon" and "One of a Kind".  Here's the comeback teaser:

You know I can't wait to see what he'll be wearing and what crazy, out-there sets YG will pay for.  If you're not sure what I mean by that, watch this video of Big Bang's first "Alive" comeback stages.  If you've seen it before, just refresh your memory.

Yes, they're hanging in midair, yes that's water, yes to every incredulous question you might have.  I'm quite sure money is no object for GD's comeback.

Stay tuned for more of the awesome-ness that is G-Dragon.

Source: YGEntertainment, AiRfhnallkpopycllop, tweet translations- bigbangupdates.


  1. I understand what Jennie said. I think. She okay. Not sure her look goes with the rapping though.

    Big Bang are so out of tune singing here it's painful to my ears!

  2. Lolll they sure are! I'd forgotten about that. As for Jennie, this was just a demonstration video, to show people what she can do and get them hyped up. She's not bad for 16 lol.
    I missed ur comments while u were away!


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