G-Dragon is All Pink & Sassy for BSX Clothing

I've got some more G-Dragon for BSX clothing for ya, and when I say pink I'm talking about his oh-so-cute pink hair.  Miss it!  Maybe he'll bring it back again someday.

Be sure to click on the pics to enlarge them.

Source: ygfamilyy



  1. Wow, I think I was checked out from the internet during GD's pink hair phase. I remember seeing pics of it (airport shots I think) and not liking it much. By the time I checked back into the internet, he changed it, so I didn't eventually come to love it like I do all his hairstyles. But I love his pink hair in these pics!

  2. I loved his pink hair! This was definitely one of my most favorite hair colors for him. He wears it well.


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