SHINee's Taemin for Nylon Korea September Issue: Scans and Interview

I've been covering a lot of SHINee recently, but that's because they've been doing all kinds of good stuff.  Besides that, they're obviously one of my faves.  I like how SM Entertainment is making sure they stay in the spotlight before their next comeback this year.

Taemin is all kinds of (dare I say it) sexy for in the September issue of Nylon Korea.  I can't believe I just called him sexy.  He's still young as hell but he's certainly a man now.  Don't believe me?  Read on:

Edited to add: Better translation!


Q: You’ve became 20 last month. What did you do on your birthday?

On my birthday, I did a fanmeeting with fans and did a birthday party with the members at the practice room.
Then I also did a birthday party with my family.
 I got to blow out candles & receive a flower. I blew out birthday cake candles thrice in a day.

Q: It’s 20th birthday party, there’s no special treat?

I actually like surprises. It’s kinda fun if we do it with an American style, like when suddenly all people gather and shout happy birthday to me,
 I think that would be good. Instead of just blowing candles and giving presents, I think of the opposite of it. Of course it’s not that I dislike that obvious kind of birthday party!

Q: You didn’t get any surprise party this time?

I haven’t gotten any, but I’ve done a surprise party for other member’s birthdays.

Q: When?

It was during Key’s hyung birthday, the hyungs and I acted as if we were scolding each other.
Just in time we’ve acted out scolding atmosphere, Key hyung didn’t know anything so he just got into the atmosphere too.
 Suddenly we shouted “Surprise!” and congratulated him. Key hyung cried. It really cracked me up. That’s why it still lingers in my mind.

Q: Was that fun?

It was really fun! Ah, last time on my birthday, the hyungs did a hidden camera to me.
But I’ve known it all since the beginning, so it wasn’t fun at all. That’s not a surprise.

Q: Compared to 19th birthday, the feeling of becoming 20 must be slightly different. When we become 20, we think of something different. What do you think, Taemin-sshi?

Really, when I was 19, I’d think a lot of different, vague expectations when I became 20.
I knew that by wearing suits when we are 20 doesn’t mean there is a lot of change.
 First, the possibility of doing something legal has become a lot. Like today, it has become feasible that I could do my own-powerful photoshoot. Compared to the past, I think my appearance now has slightly lost the baby fat in me.
 My personality has also changed. Not sensibly, but very gradually.

Q: Because we only see the younger one in SHINee, it wasn’t suitable to call him a man, but Taemin-sshi has already grown up slightly.

“Becoming a man” and “man” doesn’t match (laugh) (t/n: he joked that the meaning is different)

Q: Until now, your boy aura is still strong.

Is that so? I actually don’t know. But fans still say so.

Q: You came to this studio right after you were from Japan right? Come to think of it, it’s indeed Taemin who’s the only one person among all of the busy 20 year old people in this world.

Me? No I’m not (laugh). I’m just busier than other people who are the same age as me…
But because I’ve lived my life like this since young, I haven’t thought that it’s particularly busy.

Q: You’ve debuted for 4 years, yet you haven’t gotten any rest?

When I don’t have any local activities, there will be overseas activities so I’ve got to practice.
I’ve debuted since I was young, so I’ve expected earlier that I’d be this busy.
I don’t have any pressure or find it difficult because I’ve known it since the start.

Q: If that so, you were such a mature primary student. That you’ve even figured out all of this before debut!

It’s because I’ve heard a lot from the hyungs or the noonas talking about the hardships when I was a trainee.
So, I go to practice during break days. It’s not a difficult thing. I just think that it’s reasonable and interesting.
Only taking a break is what fans and I think that it’s not a thing I can do.
That’s why I can’t take a break, and there’s no reason to complain. I prefer to think of being more diligent. That’s a must.

Q: I’ve heard that you have this aptitude since young. How did you have this confidence?

I’ve put a lot of interest in dancing since when I was 2nd or 3rd grade. A person who dances on music broadcasts looks really cool
so I want to work on something that has relation to it (dancing).
 It was fun to follow the dance, I thought of going for auditions when I got the chance.
 I’ve never dreamt of doing something else. Because I was pretty sure that it was my way.

Q: You’ve debuted when you were 15, and you’ve became the trainee since you were in elementary, so the period wasn’t short. Did you have any goal to aim as you debuted that time?

The goal of the rookie award, but I’ve already achieved that. It was fortunate. After receiving a rookie award stand the goal by stages.
 I keep making challenging goals. Winning music dae-sangs, trying to do acting, I also want to do musicals.
There’s also a spot in my heart that I also want to be a singer-songwriter.
I also have interest in all art activities which didn’t have anything to do with the fine of arts.

Q: What’s with arts?

I seriously can’t draw. Hahaha.

Q: But you really want to do an acting challenge?

Maybe. I’m practicing it right now. At first, I can’t handle this huge greed. I want to play the role which has a similar character with mine,
 and the character which is in contrary with mine.

Q: What kind of character that’s different from Taemin-sshi’s image?

Somehow everyone expects my bright, always cheerful, and maknae-like image. On the other hand, I want to try the contrary image like,
serious, solemn, and so on? Exactly like Im Geum-nim.

Q: Im Geum-nim? Are you talking about Hwon’s image from <The Moon Embraces The Sun>?

Yes. Him! But I think it doesn’t suit me for now. That’s why I want to try challenging it.
I want to show my solemn image and my capability to be suitable to it.

Q: Do you have any life goal of being 20?

As the time passes, It’s not that I have lived my life for a long time, time seems to pass by really fast.
If I look back at what I’ve done for 4 years,
I think there are so many things I’ve accomplished, and also the things I couldn’t do.
 So, I feel that I have to make up my mind for becoming 20. I’m living the life that’s leaving trace, yet I still don’t know how to resolve it.

Q: Today was your first time doing a photoshoot and interview all alone after you debuted as SHINee, right?
 Hyungs weren’t here so you had to do all the things by yourself, how do you feel?

I feel more relaxed, like it’s my world. I feel relaxed on the inside too. Hahaha, I want to be alone everyday.

Q: Hahaha

That was just a joke. If the hyungs were here, the atmosphere at the studio would be better.

Q: Taemin-sshi, is it a good thing that you’ve grown older?

Of course it is. You know, it’s only not good because I can’t reserve the bad things?
It seems that the moments all are about happiness. So I think growing up isn’t a bad thing.
 As I’m growing older, I just want to stretch out the good lives. Ah, there’s also a bad point at the same time.

Q: What is it?

Lately, Key hyung likes to apply an eye cream to me. He’s been staring at me until there was wrinkles around my eyes.
 If I say no he would insist, possibly because I don’t even know how to put an eye cream.

Source: NYLON Magazine
Korean-English Translation credit : minhogoon@livejournal.com
via forever_shinee



  1. Great post! Loved the Key putting eye cream on him....too funny ^^

  2. Love the second pic! He is looking more DBSK-ish than even Changmin and Yunho. Btw your GMC (Guilty Maknae Crush) is an elder statesmen compared to mine (Dongho). Did you know he's the first male idol EVER to make the cover of MAXIM Korea? Now if only the stateside ladmags would put our boys on their covers...

    1. Lol I just looked him up and yeah he looks like a baby. Cute though.


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