SHINee's Taemin Cross Dresses AGAIN With The Help of Changmin & Kyuhyun 120818

Oh Taemin...  You've done it again.  You say you don't want to be called girly and yet here you are.

Well he certainly makes a pretty girl.

Yes that's Taemin from SHINee, along with Super Junior's Kyuhyun and TVXQ's Changmin at yesterdays SMTOWN Live Seoul concert.  The Evil Maknaes, as my friend likes to call them, did a little performance together.  Changmin and Kyuhyun serenaded their "lucky lady" with Bruno Mars's "Just the Way You Are". 

Be warned... the extreme quality of the screams on this fancam makes turning down your volume neccessity.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's wondering what's up with Changmin's voice here, right?  Right???

Anyway, from the fancams I saw earlier that were farther away, Taemin seemed amused by this whole thing.  Now that I've seen his face close up, he looks like he finds it funny but CANNOT WAIT to get it over with, as evinced by his (totally not girly at all) fist pump and relieved seeming "YESSSS!" at the end.  Someone needs to tell him that you shouldn't be spreading your legs open that wide when dressed as a girl... or you can, depending on what you're looking for.  :wink:

This pic has been circulating around the net a bit today and was sent to me by my Shawol friend Stormy:

An eagle eyed netizen realized they'd seen that dress somewhere before, as usually happens.  Here I was thinking that girl looked pretty damned familiar.  I had another friend of mine helping me on the hunt for the source and she worked her internet wizardry and came up with this:

f(x)'s Krystal models for Bak SangHa

Some observations-

1.  Interesting choice of dress, Taemin.
2.  Now you know just how thin he really is.
3.  Nice shoes, nice legs.

Here's another fancam for ya from a different angle, just in case you feel the burning need to see Kyuhyun or Changmin:

Source: TodaysGreatItaemfoxygalsmykikiikyu5,


  1. Nice!!!! Awesome detective work ^^

  2. Maknaes make the best girls! My other favorite might be Dongho in "Milk Caramel"

  3. i wonder what Bak Sangha thought of his creation being used like this..


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