More G-Dragon: Happy Birthday from YG Ent & An Audio Teaser

Lol I can't even:

G-Dragon goes from cute to sexy to avant garde with the quirk of a lip or toss of a head.  I don't know how he does it.  Genius.

I'm assuming this is a teaser/b-day greeting but I could be wrong.

G-Dragon tweeted this gem today (his birthday is actually August 18):

“Today’s my birthday but I’m at the studio. Nevertheless the greetings make it hard for me to be not happy and this is a bonus! ehey”

From the audio:
“I’m just wild and young, just wild and young. Doing it just for fun.
Take it low. Yessir I’m one of a kind”

What’s written on his hat:
Today’s my birthday

This is a copy of the video he uploaded.  Be sure to click on GD's tweet for a better quality version.

Source: @IBGDRGNyg-lifeMaxine Blue.



  1. Those girls are way too skinny!! Scary. It's not surprising GD looks so friggin' shocked!


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