G-Dragon Releases Another Teaser Pic, Looks Like A Boss

Ok look... I know many of you are having issues with G-Dragon's hair but, oh well.  I think he's a marketing genius: Whether you love his hair or hate it, you're still gonna be paying attention and you're gonna be talking about it.

Take a closer look at his cornrows and his incredible outfit in GD's newest teaser:

Chanel?  Y/N?

GD tweeted the new teaser not too long ago:

Translation:  “Soon…! “ONE OF A KIND” MV is coming out. Y’all Ready For This? Ahh I’m shaking~ Please give it a lot of love *bow*”

Then he decided to make VIPs freak out even more by tweeting a pic of another upcoming video:

Translation: "Although it is against my will, everyone now knows that I'm filming a new MV thanks to Seungri, so here's a shot!"

Are you ready for GD's imminent comeback?  Then fangirl with me in my trusty new commenting system below.

Source: @IBGDRGN, allkpop, bigbangupdates


  1. The hair is SO much better without the bandana. And based on the full length vid I'd say the jacket is definitely Chanel.

  2. I figured it was. I wrote about that and some of the other fashion in my new post.
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