Editorials Past: Big Bang for Arena Magazine June 2009

I decided I'd find an older Big Bang editorial to post in honor of G-Dragon's comeback; before it becomes all GD, all the time up in here (exaggerating... a little bit).  Boy did I find a good one.  I'd seen a couple of the G-Dragon pics around and about but I had never seen the whole thing.  I also hadn't realized this editorial was photographed by Terry Richardson (ugh) or that the whole group was featured in it.  Well, I was in for a treat and so will you, if you haven't seen it before.

Some highlights: GD's nipples... Welll, his whole outfit.  Seungri's pants (!!), and Daesung??  Damnnn.  This also features T.O.P before he did whatever he did to his face.  Maybe it's his eyebrows??  You tell me.

Source: minsarang



  1. Wow, this might be the first time where I'd say Daesung looks the best out of all of them. T.O.P. has vulcan eyebrows!

    1. I know right? I guess they all needed to grow into their looks, or have them fixed or whatever it is they did. Taeyang was just ok back then and TOP was just kinda weird looking but Daesung is pretty yum there. Wow is right.

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