Videos + Pics of the Day: G-Dragon in Paris or Why I'd Never Want to be an Idol

These videos totally annoyed me.

You know, I get it.  I get that you'd be so excited to see your favorite Kpop star just walking down the street right in front of you.  I even get that you'd be even more hyped if you saw that he had just dyed his hair this crazy bright pink and you wanted to capture it all for posterity 'cause it looks awesome.  What I don't get is why you'd act like the international version of a sasaeng fan (definitely click on those links!) and be walking allll up on him like this.

Totally not cool, guys.  Not cool at all.  It's bad enough that they get this treatment at home; you can totally see how used to it he is there, right??  Let's treat these idols like the human beings they are and act accordingly, especially when they're out and about in your home town.

On the other hand, it's nice to see that there are pics from Paris of G-Dragon smiling.  He looked kind of annoyed in the first series of pics I posted.  It's good to know he enjoyed himself and was happy to take pics with fans.  I also think he was probably exhausted.  It's probably brutal to fly from Korea to Paris and back in  a few days.

Is that a women's Chanel jacket?   Also, nice legs, dude!

Source:  deybowahCa RenBig Bang Updates Facebook page.  Actual sources to come.


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