Videos of the Day: Vintage Rain

Today my fave fansite, Cloud USA, posted a vintage Rain video from back in 2004 and they inspired me to wax nostalgic about Rain.  I haven't really fangirled over Rain in awhile on this site and that is just sad, since he's my man and all.  Ok... ok... everyone relax... I'm kidding (backing away from the Clouds slowly)!

Seriously though, today I felt like reveling in some Rain goodness and what better way to do it than to watch older Rain videos??  Let's see if I can convert anyone into being a Rain fan today; it's entirely possible.

I'm going to start with "It's Raining" because it's a classic that always gets me dancing in my chair.  I love watching him perform this, especially in older videos.  That energy is something else and so is that vest... ahem...  Anyway, take a gander at some Rain hotness from 2004.

Rain- It's Raining and I Do

Next would be "Touch Ya" and "I'm Coming" from 2006.  Be warned: the hip thrusts from "I'm Coming" can cause blindness and heart palpitations.

Lastly would be his mv for the BMW Meets Truth 2006 campaign, called "Still Believe".  This would be the song and mv that made me 100% a Rain fan.  "Ninja Assassin" started it, "Still Believe" finished it.  If you're not sure what I mean, check out those moves and that voice.  This video has poor volume quality but the picture quality is the best.  This is a hard video to find so enjoy!

Source: Foxinettelwg911ArDis824 

So if I haven't converted you into a Rain fan yet, you're definitely a hard sell.  I'll just have to try harder next time.

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