Sistar Snatches Wigs and Slays Your Faves With "Loving U"

Ok I'll admit it:  I normally never like this sort girl group song.  I'm actually kind of shocked at what I'm about to say but... Sistar is werking it out here with their summer single "Loving U".

So You, Bora, Hyorin & Da Som

I usually like my songs a little darker and a tad grittier (lollll at me saying that in a post about Kpop) and I'm not one to like girl group bubble gum pop but this is pretty darned cute.  Plus the girls of Sistar know how to bring the sexy better than 99.99% of any other Kpop girl group I've seen so far, especially Hyorin.

Here they are at KBS Love Request show bringing that '70s flavor to it:

Sistar- Loving U at KBS Love Request

At first I was having none of it.  I watched about 10 seconds of their video and called myself done, but today  they released their dance practice version of "Loving U" and I was sold.

Sistar- Loving U dance practice version

They're all about great legs, nice tans, and sexy, but not sleazy, dance moves and I'm liking it.  No extra cutesy aegyo for these girls and they can sing.  Very nice indeed. 

Check out the following mv for "Alone" for more of the sexy but not sleazy.

Sistar- Alone official mv

Sistar on the way to Music Bank.  Hyorin's outfit on the far right is adorable as heck.

Source: CapsuleHD22starshipTV, IdolLove


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