Shinee's Key Performs a Lady Gaga Themed Solo @ Shinee World Japan

Oh Key...  You always kill me and today was no exception.  On June 30th, at one of the last Shinee World Japan concerts, Key decided to send all Shawols into a tizzy by performing an impassioned solo to a Lady Gaga "Hair" and "Judas" medley.

You're trying to tell us something, aren't you?  :sniffles:  We know, sweetie, we know.

Shinee's Key- Lady Gaga's Hair and Judas solo @ Shinee World Japan in Hiroshima

Source: khkra, credit as tagged.

As always he is a flaw free and fierce diva, etc., etc. Only divas can perform in that dangerously spiked vest without crying. He better watch out before I snatch it from him.

Anyway, great job Key!


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