Shinee @ Yellow Sea International K-Pop Concert 120714

Shinee performed at the Yellow Sea International Yacht Tournament Concert on July 14th, along with MBLAQ, f(x), Sistar and Dal Shabet.

This concert was held in Incheon, S. Korea to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and China.  This post is (partly) to commemorate the fact that everyone got a haircut, especially Key and Onew.

Nooooo... not the bowl cut again!!

What stylist said it was ok for Key to repeat a hairstyle from 2010?  Tsk...

Seriously though, the boys performed well and all that good stuff.  Enjoy the pics and fancams below.  Be sure to watch the fancams quickly before they get taken down...

In case you were wondering, Minho was too busy to attend the concert.  He is currently filming a drama called "To The Beautiful You", which also stars f(x)'s Sulli.  

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