Rain Stars in R2B: Return to Base

My favorite Kpop star, Rain, will be coming soon to a theater nowhere near me (probably) and looking all kinds of hot.  He stars in the movie R2B: Return to Base, which will be released in August of this year.  

As you can probably guess, I'm quite excited to be able to watch Rain being all cocky and looking all delicious for a whole two hours.  What more could I ask for??  Welll... I could ask for a lot more regarding Rain but I'll just keep that private, if you know what I mean! <wink> 

R2B: Return to Base also stars Shin Se Kyung, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Suk Won, and more.

Synopsis: A South upcoming Korean Elite Black Eagles Air Force pilot Tae-hun finds himself transferred to a combat flying unit after a cocky, unplanned, and dangerous air show demonstration. On the first day of his transfer to F15K, he meets Cheol-hui, the unit’s own top gun. Tae-hun is free-spirited, whereas Cheol-hui plays by the rules, and the two come into conflict almost immediately. However, Tae-hun quickly befriends his other colleagues: Dae-seo, Yu-jin, and Seok-hyeon. He also falls in love with Se-yeong, who is in charge of maintenance. Tae-hun continues his free-spirited ways and his antics get the entire unit suspended from duty. The world outside the base makes its presence known when a North upcoming Korean MIG fighter is discovered heading toward the South. 

There's more to the synopsis but I'm thinking that is way more than enough unless you want to pretty much know the whole movie.  I'm kind of side-eyeing the people who wrote this, actually.

Stay tuned for more info on R2B and an upcoming Rain mega post, because it's been awhile and we all need some eye candy in our lives.

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