Kpop WTF: Side Eyeing Infinite's Sungyeol and Big Bang's Taeyang

Right now I'm sitting here laughing.  Why, you may ask?  Well, feast your eyes on this:

Yes you are correct.  Sungyeol decided to make sure he surpassed everyone in the fashion stakes today by wearing a bathrobe, shower shoes and sunglasses to the airport.  Way to keep it classy, Sungyeol.  Well hey, at least he ensured that all eyes would be on him, right?

My second item of the day would also involve airport fashion.

On July 2nd, Big Bang's Taeyang decided to pretend that he skateboarded to the airport.    

I see that the slit-down-the-side shirt seems to be a new trend in Kpop, which is kinda scary because I haven't seen that since the early '90s.  Gah!  I shudder to think what someone's going to try next...

Source: allkpopglobal mnet via 518 percent, credit as tagged.



  1. Kpop...always entertaining!
    OMG Sungyeol!! What fierce bet did you lose????
    The shower slippers are a nice touch ^.~

  2. Oh now Taeyang is definitely my type! Nice arms. Ha! I like my guys to be manly, well and my girls too. What can I say. :D


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