Kpop WTF: 2PM Nichkhun's DUI

Bad things happen to good people and Nichkhun is seemingly the good-iest two shoes of the good in Kpop.  I don't think I've seen one bad thing written about this guy ever... until now.

Early in the morning on July 24th, Nichkhun was driving home from a JYP Entertainment get together in Seoul and got into a minor accident with a motorcyclist.  His blood alcohol level was revealed to be 0.056, which led to a suspension of his license.  There were no serious injuries.

Here's some info on Korean law for this matter:

Operating a vehicle at a BAC level above 0.05% can result in 6 months in prison or a fine of 3,000,000 won. For damaging the motorcycle and any injuries to the biker could have been covered by Nichkhun's auto insurance had he not been under the influence. However, because it is thought that his drinking could have caused the accident, he will be punished for his DUI as well as the accident even if the biker was at fault.
However, the accident happened in a residential neighborhood and official believe that the biker cannot have been 100% at fault. This is why Nichkhun will not only be prosecuted for his drinking and driving but also injuring another person as a result of his DUI. This could result in an increase in his sentence to up to 5 years or 20,000,000 Won worth of fines.

Read more at kpopstarz.com.

Subsequently, his sponsors started to drop him from their rosters.  First was Carribean Bay.  The latest is the 'Samsung Galaxy S3 Stadium' campaign.  They cropped him right out and added SISTAR's Hyorin.

There's even more fallout.

Nichkhun tweeted an apology on July 26th:
I would like to write this letter of apology for such an irresponsible act. To the injured person, his family, the people of Korea, my fans, JYPE family and staffs, 2PM members, and all the people this situation has affected. I have betrayed the ones who have given me their love and support, the love and support I don't deserve with such behavior. I feel the need to take some time off to re-think about my action and myself, to make myself a better person and never again repeat the same mistake. I am truly ashamed that I have disappointed so many, and I am deeply sorry.
He's going to be taking time off to reflect.   

I know netizens are in a furor over this incident, which isn't surprising since this is one controversy that's actually controversial.  I just feel bad for the guy.  People do make mistakes and, as you can tell by that apology, he seems really broken up about it.  I just hope he's able to weather the storm of negativity and to continue on with his career eventually.

Hey, if Daesung can do it, so can he.

Source: kpopstarz, enewsworld 1 & 2 MNET global.



  1. You will not only be prosecuted for his drinking and driving but also injuring another person as a result of his DUI. the information you are providing is less but New Mexico drunk driving criminal court cases can result in punishment that includes jail time, fines.

  2. If Chris Brown can get away with beating up Rihanna and continue to have hits, although I refuse to play his music at any of my gigs, then I'm sure once the dusts settles Nichkhun will return too.

    I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.

  3. Oh btw. I completely blame you for this!



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