Going to the Big Bang Alive Tour Concerts in N.J. or L.A.?

Planning on attending the Big Bang Alive Tour concert in New Jersey on November 9th?  If not, are you going to the concert in Los Angeles on November 3rd?  Well I've got something fun for you to do to show your love and support for Big Bang.

I came across this VIP fan event created on Facebook for both Big Bang concerts and thought it would be cool to share:

All VIPs from across the world are asked to participate in a BIGBANG concert fan event. The idea is simple - create a star (like the ones shown in the picture, approximately 20 x 20 inches), the front should contain the word "FIGHTING" while the back contains a personal message from you to the boys. The stars are supposed to be held up throughout the song "Monster". Towards the end of the song the stars are transported to the stage and by that I mean reached from fan to fan until they reach the stage! So please be so kind and helpful! It's supposed to show that even after all that has happened, we are still standing as one strong unit, showing our love and support for our 5 Kings!

The stars can be covered in glow in the dark paint for added impact.

I totally think this is a cute idea and I'll be doing it.  How cool would it be if everyone attending the concerts got ahold of this idea and took part in it?  I can just see it now, a sea of fans passing forward tons of these stars.  I'm sure the members of Big Bang would be touched.  

Make sure to visit the event page here and pass this on to all VIPs.  Maybe it'll catch on in other countries too.  

There are also other fan events listed at this page so enjoy, and be sure to let me know if you're attending so I can say hi!


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