2NE1 Releases Teasers for "I Love You" + More Concert Info

Last week Inkigayo released a 2NE1 "I Love You" teaser that made me think that song was going to suck.  In the past few days, YG Entertainment has released more teasers for 2NE1's "I Love You" that sounded way better.  What a relief...

We all know how those entertainment companies like to try to fool us by making the teaser sound totally different from the song.  Here's hoping they don't change a thing.

Dara's I Love You teaser

CL's I Love You teaser

Bom's I Love You teaser

Last week I gave you some 2NE1 tour info and now there's been more info released.  Yesterday 2NE1 unveiled a New Evolution Global Tour 2012 international trailer:

The official Global Blackjack twitter posted this pic to their twitter feed earlier tonight:

The tour starts July 28th in Seoul.  This concert experience should be fun as hell and I'll be posting fancams as soon as they become available.

Source: @GlobalBlackjack2NE1yg-life,

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