Kpop WTF: Teen Top's Neil Stuns With His DSL's

I've decided to introduce a new feature to this blog called Kpop WTF.  I'm always browsing the net for interesting Kpop info and I often come across articles that lead me to have this reaction:

And yes, I do mean often.

Kpop WTF #1 is all about Teen Top Niel's big azz lips.

Teen Top were guests on the June 27th episode of a show called Weekly Idol, partly because they wanted to lay a rumor to rest.  They needed us to know that Niel's lips get puffy when he's "sleeping".

Before and After.  Sleeping... suuurrree.

Get this:

To measure the change in lip size before and after a nap, the producers of the show prepared bedding, and Niel actually took a nap during the show. After his nap, Niel shocked the people around him including MC Defcon, who couldn’t hide his surprise after seeing Niel’s lips really puff up.

Then he slapped some lipstick on "to preserve the swelling" and called it a day.

Yep, you read that right.  He took a nap on a show... on purpose... because of his lips.

Read the rest of the article here and prepare to be underwhelmed.

Source: allkpop


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