f(x)'s Electric Shock MV + Album Mega Post

SM Entertainment released f(x)'s Electric Shock mv today and I'm excited for f(x) but underwhelmed by this mv.

f(x) Electric Shock mv

Why am I underwhelmed you ask??  Well first I'll say that the styling was cute for about 80% of the video and the choreography was cute.  I actually like the song quite a bit, it's very, very catchy.  I just have one pressing question:  WTH is that one sock that Amber is wearing and why is Sulli wearing man shoes I wouldn't even have worn in the '90s?  I'm just curious because those are just heinous.

Also, SMent needs to stop with that tired ass computerized background.  Let them be outside or something, dang.  I mean, recycling is good for the environment and all but not quite so good for music videos.  Just because you used a pink/purple background doesn't mean it's innovative, Mr. Whoever Came Up With This Concept.

I'm pretty sure Krystal is giving us the evil eye

Let's also talk about the fact that they didn't need to have shots of the girls holding tasers and such.

We get it, SM... we get it.

Still, this is me all excited for f(x)'s comeback:

I can't wait for their first Electric Shock comeback stage this week on M! Countdown.

f(x)’s “Electric Shock” Conquers Korean Music Charts

Girl group f(x)’s long awaited comeback song, “Electric Shock” is topping Korea’s music charts.
Yesterday, f(x) released their second mini-album entitled, “Electric Shock” to the public. Since then the group’s comeback track has shown its strength as it managed to capture the first place spot on MellonSoribadaNaver, and Bugs’ real-time music charts upon its release.  Currently, the single occupies the top spot on various music charts throughout Korea.
Read the rest of the article here

f(x) Electric Shock Mini Album:

So do you love f(x)'s new mini album or do you hate it or are you meh??  

Source: SMTOWNSofiBaby25jizzhyun gif, soompi



  1. It's meh for me. My initial reaction was it was bad.

  2. Boy this song and video suck. The dancing is crap. It's like a terrible entry in the Eurovision song contest. Why make Amber wear makeup and try to feminise her? She looks out of place and uncomfortable in this video. I kinda see her as a Lisa "Left Eye"Lopes type and they are making her into some poppy puppet.

    She's still cute though. ;) She needs to do her own thing.

    1. Yeah I hate when they try to make her be all feminine when she seems totally not into that. When I first saw Amber it was in a pic with her and Shinee's Jonghyun and a few other boys and I thought she was a boy. No makeup, hoodie up, etc. She looked like Jonghyun's brother...lol. They usually don't make her be girly so I hope this isn't a new trend.


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