Big Bang Confirms U.S. Tour Dates for Their "Alive" Tour

Well apparently the wait is over.  Big Bang FINALLY released U.S. tour dates for their "Alive Tour 2012" the other day.

YG Entertainment confirmed that they were going to perform in Los Angeles at the Honda Center on November 3rd and in New Jersey on November 9th in Newark's Prudential Center.  

So excuse me while I flail about a little bit, because I live about 25-30 minutes away from Newark.  

Ok done flailing.... mostly.  YG Entertainment had previously said they were going to be performing in L.A. and New York so I'm wondering if there's going to be more than one performance date.  They really should, because judging from their Facebook N.J. date event page, over 3000 people have clicked "I'm going".  Let me just say now that if I don't get tickets I'm going to be extremely un-amused.  

If you're planning on going to any of these concerts, make sure to go to their Facebook page here to click on their "I'm going!" event page.  Hopefully there'll be so many votes that they'll have to add more dates.
Then come here and leave me a comment so we can fangirl (or boy!) about it together. 

Edited to add:  After very little research, I found out the Prudential Center seats about 18000 people so I probably won't have to worry about tickets running out anytime soon.


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