2NE1 Announces Concerts in New Jersey and Los Angeles

What in the heck?  Today 2NE1 announced that they would be bringing their first world tour, New Evolution, to New Jersey and Los Angeles, CA in August.  This announcement seems to have come out of the blue and I am in shock over here.

It used to be that Kpop groups only ever ventured to Los Angeles., I assume because they thought that the only people interested in going to their concerts was the large Korean population that resides there.  I guess they finally realized that people on the other side of the country like Kpop too.  Yay for us, right?? 

I do like 2NE1 but I don't love them so I'm not quite sure if I'm interested in going.  I'm sure it would be great fun, but I'm also sure it will be kinda expensive.  Given a choice between spending around $200 on tickets to see 2NE1 or Big Bang, we all know I'm gonna have to go with Big Bang on that one.  It would be soooo much fun though!

Sigh... Decisions, decisions.

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