2AM's Jo Kwon Says He'll Perform in 7 inch Heels, I Try to Guess Which Ones

Today Jo Kwon from 2AM revealed to the world that he would be wearing 19.5 cm heels for his first solo comeback stage.

In an article for S. Korean news site Osen, Jo Kwon said:

"I decided on the heels after thinking of ways to show off something sexy yet powerful for my choreography concept. When I danced to miss A, I wore heels and found that it wasn’t that bad. The heels were made for women and imported from the States, but I think they fit me well.”

The shoes don’t actually have support under the heel part to give the effect of the wearer floating, so Jo Kwon will have to pay particular attention to his balance. Fortunately, he’s been practicing in them to look as natural as possible.

He continued, “I’m planning to show something completely out there and unique, something that only Jo Kwon can pull off. I know that people are looking forward to, but also concerned with what I’ll come up with. I’m sure that people will be wary of what I do come out with, but I’m greedy in wanting to convert them all to my side once I do. I’m excited, but also confident.”

After reading about this I was so excited, because how awesome is that?? Wave your freak flag high, Jo Kwon! Werk it and twerk it, baby, and continue to refer to yourself in the 3rd person.  Hey...is it just me or is he trying to tell us something??

Jo Kwon, 2AM GIF

I, being the resourceful Googler that I am (in other words curious nosy as hell), figured out that 19.5cm = around 7.7 inches high.  I then realized that I could probably take a pretty informed guess at what shoes he might be wearing just from the description.  I had some fun with it, of course.  

Would he go with some clear heels or some color?

Would he be feeling pretty enough to go for some glitter?

How about letting his inner dominatrix out with some spikes and studs or some knee high hotness?

Or was he referring to a version of this uncomfortable looking style by Jeffrey Cambpell?  It's not quite heel-less but you never know with those pesky translation issues us English speakers sometimes have.

Unfortunately I knew none of those could be the one, mostly because they're all "only" around 5 inches high.  However, these 2 styles by Finsk are 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 in. high.  They're definitely funky enough!

Lastly, if Jo Kwon wants to go designer, which is very likely, he'll go for one of these bad boys by Giuseppe Zanotti.  

       150 mm= only 6 inches but hot as hell

200mm = 7.8 in.

Obviously I'm dying to see this comeback performance.  The man is fa-bu-lous and he is going to put us through some thangs, I'm sure.  It remains to be seen if he will be wearing one of these styles but really I just hope he doesn't fall.  Bring it, Jo Kwon!

Source: allkpop and osen via naverluisaviaroma, solestruck, gifs by bekkiglittz and leaderjokwon 



  1. You know one of the things I've never understood? The appeal of high heels. When I see artists like Gaga tottering around on them, all I can think is ... why? Women seem to love wearing them, men appear to love women in them, but give me a girl in doc martens or high top trainers any day. :D

    1. See now, I was a tomboy for a looonnng time until one day I decided I like wearing dresses and heels. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into looking like a super girly girl... I'm still partial to androgynous style. I do like to wear my heels super chunky and platforms-ish. Heels appeal to me coz I get to be super tall, since I'm "only" 5'7" and I don't wear them to be cute for men... I wear them coz I like them. :) Mostly, though, u will find me clomping along in a combat-style boot.

  2. Yeah I can understand the height issue I suppose, but it seems strange to me that you quite often see performers falling over on stage because of the heels they are wearing or it restricts their dance moves, and that I don't quite understand. I remember seeing Kylie Minogue in concert and she actually shouted out to the crowd "Sorry I can't move that fast in these heels" and I just thought well take them off then! I have noticed though when Rihanna was performing recently here in London she had boots on and I thought she looked great and in some ways it must be very freeing.

    I would have never suggested that you wear anything to look cute for men though, you don't come across that way to me. I get the impression you wear what you wanna wear for you, and that's a great way to be. :)


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