Video of the Day: Infinite's The Chaser

Infinite released their mv of "The Chaser" today and I'm particularly enthused because, while I don't consider myself a part of their fandom, I do think they're one of the most talented not-so-newbie-anymore groups out there.


Infinite at Daegu showcase Google+ Live Chat 

What I like:  I really like the song quite a bit and can't wait to see them perform it live.  I've noticed that sometimes you can't really tell how epic the choreography is in their non-dance version videos, so I'll say it looks like it's gonna be awesome as usual.

As for the song, it strikes me as so '80s that when I heard the first 14 seconds of the studio version, I almost thought I was listening to a Depeche Mode song.  They added to the beginning of the song to fit the video but you can still hear that part around mark :57 of the video if you want to know what I'm talking about.  Depeche Mode is my ultimate favorite band so I'm definitely not complaining about that.  Co-opting '80s musical styles seems to kind of be Infinite's deal so more power to them.

What I dislike:  The video itself seems disjointed and a bit unnecessary.  I'm not sure why I needed to see Sungjong pick up a key or L making constipated faces while the car he's in is endlessly flipping.  If there's a concept, it was lost in the editing room and that's a shame, seeing as their other videos have been really well done and interesting, especially "Nothing's Over".

I'll be waiting for their comeback stages, where I'm sure Infinite will astound me with their synchronicity and ability to sing so well while dancing so hard.

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