Taeyang Struts His Stuff for L'Officiel Hommes Magazine

It has come to my attention that L'Officiel Hommes is trying to give me a heart attack.  

After seeing these scans of Taeyang for the June edition of L'Officiel Hommes, I kind of have no words...because I'm catatonic.  They are gloriously, spell binding-ly hot.  It's also really nice to see Taeyang show different facial expressions and to exhibit some sort of personality in a photo shoot.  In my opinion he usually ends up coming off looking a bit the same and a tad bit robotic in every picture.  I'm also loving that he has a different hair style and thinking that it looks really good on him.

The concept for this shoot is pretty much flaw free; I only have a bone to pick with that odd pubic-looking fur...something in and around his pants.  Otherwise, the photographer and stylist deserves a standing ovation or three. 

I guess I did have words after all.  Enjoy these fabulous pics 'cause I certainly did!

"The Star That Young Males Want to Emulate"

Source: bigbangupdates


1 comment:

  1. Em Gee!! His hair! And abs...! Haha. Love these pics, like you said the expressions are plus points. Not to mention the wardrobe..:D


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