Shinee's JongKey and Minho in L.A. 120519

I'm sure many of you Kpop fans heard all about members of Shinee, Super Junior, EXO and TVXQ's Changmin being spotted by tons of fans in L.A. yesterday.  I'm posting up a few pics, mostly because I like what they're wearing.

Harems and creepers on Jonghyun.  Are those Key's clothes

Changmin and Minho prepping it up at Knots Berry Farm

Onew, Key and manager shopping at South Coast
Plaza mall

If you so desire, drop by my friend Stormy's site hereherehere, and here for a ton of cute fan accounts, pics and fancams. 

I will say one thing though:  After reading some of the more intrusive fan accounts and tweets and seeing a few of the crazier sasaeng type fancams, it's my honest opinion that people need to chill and let those poor guys relax on their one day off in 23570235702543 days.  Seriously.  Yeah you came mad far to see them but they don't owe you anything except a putting on a great show, releasing great music and mayyybe a smile and nod if you see them on the street.  Be happy that you saw them up close and personal-ish, dudes... If they ask you not to take pics, be respectful.  Oh... and tweeting about going into the bathroom to see an idol pee is SO not cool.  We really don't need to be perpetuating the Ugly American/Ugly Foreigner stereotype.

:steps off my soap box:

Source: shineesingaporemymusicradar, credit as tagged.

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